Technology Consulting

The organizational structure of our R&D&I division allows Kepar to be a technology consultant for its clients.

The constant processes of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence allow us to:

  • Advise companies and engineering companies on the state of the art in new technologies and processes.
  • Propose technical solutions.
  • Recommend components and materials.

Starting from a concept or an idea, Kepar analyzes and helps its clients define the specifications of the final product in accordance with criteria of quality, competitiveness and production efficiency.


“Commitment from start to finish”

Kepar keeps its commitment to quality beyond the engineering and product development stage. Thus, we maintain constant processes of:

  • Technological innovation, through product engineering and the design / redesign process to adapt to technological changes, as well as the design of test processes adapted to evoluted standards and regulations.
  • Innovation in the procedures, through the design for the optimization of the production and test procedures.
  • Innovation in management, through design/redesign to optimize costs and react to component obsolescence.

Our experience as technological consultants is complemented by the offer of different services, such as conducting feasibility studies and process analysis.


Kepar turns the ideas of its customers into a robust, reliable and competitive electronics.

Therefore, before starting the development phase of any project, Kepar carries out an exhaustive feasibility study, both from a technical and economic point of view.

  • The technical feasibility analysis allows to know how to meet the electronic product specifications according to the different available technologies
  • The economic feasibility analysis let our customers know the market position of the final product according to the cost/performance ratio.

The conclusions of this study are analyzed together with our clients to facilitate and speed up decision-making in the initial phases of the product conception.

The correct integration of electronics in the final product requires good planning and definition of processes, even taking into account aspects such as:

  • The after-sales service requirements.
  • Future firmware upgrades to be applied to the electronics along during its product life.
  • Future functionality extension.

Kepar’s extensive experience in electronic manufacturing and the integration and manipulation of electronic products is applied to the analysis of the processes necessary not only for the development and manufacture of electronics, but also for its manipulation and integration into the final product.

True to its spirit of technological leadership, and in order to keep its production processes at the forefront, Kepar participates through its R+D+i division in three development and innovation projects, all of them belonging to the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union (FP7).

The FAMOBS project, Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System, aims to develop a new geometry and technique for connecting and encapsulating components, in order to achieve increases in productivity and efficiency in the manufacture of electronic boards with a higher degree of quality.
Kepar brings to the consortium its extensive and solid experience in manufacturing systems and processes.
All project information is available at

The ALERT project, Asbestos Location Equipment in Real Time, consists of the development and manufacture of a portable asbestos detector in real time, so that certain potentially dangerous work environments can be continuously monitored.
Kepar provides the consortium with its technical advice so that the final equipment meets the low-cost conditions required with precise, robust and reliable electronics.
All project information is available at

The AMETHYST project, Ambulatory magneto-enhancement of transdermal high yield silver therapy, consists of the development and manufacture of a magnetic pulse generator that, coupled to a bandage incorporating silver ions, improves the healing and disinfection process of skin sores .
Kepar provides the consortium with its technical advice so that the final equipment meets the necessary low-cost conditions with precise, robust and reliable electronics, in compliance with the strictest sanitary standards.
All project information is available at

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