Assembly of electronic components​

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1998 we have invested in the integration of people with some type of disability, be it physical, mental or sensory through our Special Employment Center, Kepar 2. At KEPAR 2 we intend to identify their needs and guarantee their development at all levels and particularly in the workplace as an expression of respect for their dignity.

Value added

At Kepar 2 we do not simply assemble electronics, but rather incorporate high technology in design and manufacturing, which allows us to compete in a sector in which a small contribution of added value makes a big difference in the execution of projects.


We combine high technology with manual labor to manufacture and assemble electronic products.

Our production system has visual aids, through monitors, to facilitate tasks and break any communication barriers that may exist, transmitting assembly orders through a television camera and subjecting the entire process to rigorous quality controls.


The Kepar 2 Special Employment Center arose at the proposal of the Association of Parents of Deaf Children (Aspansor), and materialized through its Foundation for the Development of the Deaf (Fundes), created to differentiate business activities from those that are properly associative.

Thus, in 1998, FUNDES agreed with the company Kepar Electrónica S.A to create the CEE (Special Employment Center) Kepar Electrónica 2 S.L, which today employs more than 20 people with some type of disability.