Logistics Management:
Supply Chain in Electronic Manufacturing.

The management of suppliers and components is key to obtaining short manufacturing times and, above all, low and competitive costs.

Thanks to a permanent contact between the engineering division and the production department, the Kepar logistics department:



  • Select the most suitable components and materials at all times.
  • It locates them wherever they are and transports them to our facilities in the minimum time, according to quality and cost criteria.

Once the components and materials are received, the Kepar logistics department has a traceability and stock management system that ensures compliance with deadlines and commitments with its customers, integrating its processes optimally in the production chain.

With more than 25 years of experience in purchasing management, Kepar efficiently manages the acquisition of the necessary materials for your product.

Through direct and constant daily collaboration and negotiation with our partners and suppliers, we obtain the best prices and the best conditions to make your product more competitive.


Kepar has a warehouse with more than 6,000 references in stock and has adequate facilities for the correct conservation of electronic components and other materials, with a dedicated system for maintaining the temperature and degree of humidity necessary in each case.

Our carefully designed plant layout ensures the isolation and cleanliness of the component conservation and production areas.


Kepar has a computerized traceability system that allows obtaining and identifying the raw materials and production processes involved in the manufacture of a given product.

The traceability system implemented begins with the reception of materials in the warehouse, where individualized batches are assigned to each of the raw materials from the moment of entry. This batch contains data such as entry date, supplier or delivery note number

The traceability system, controlled by barcode reading systems, requires working according to FIFO (first in first out), which forces the operator to assign the material indicated by the system (the oldest) to the manufacturing order. which facilitates that components are not stored for a long period of time.

Packaging and shipping are two sections of the utmost importance within the electronic production process, since any error at this last point in the chain can invalidate the quality guarantee to which so much attention has been paid in all design and production processes.

  • Kepar works to reduce to ZERO the risk of loss or damage to the final product due to poor packaging or improper shipping.
  • At Kepar we analyze materials and procedures and design specific pieces for the protection of the equipment, always adapted and with the dimensions adjusted to the usual standards in the transport and shipment of goods.

Our range of electronic services begins from the moment the client comes to us with an idea, and does not end until the entire electronic product developed is delivered in perfect condition to the client’s facilities.

The adaptation of each product to the signs of identity of each client is a key factor in differentiation as a way to conquer the market.

But this is not a minor matter: today the customization of the simplest of products requires the design and selection of specific materials to lower design costs, since this is usually an expensive and complex process.

For this reason, KEPAR collaborates with its clients in developing what makes them unique. At KEPAR we design custom products that we manage and manufacture if necessary also together with our suppliers, in a coordinated and controlled process from our central offices in Zaragoza to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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