Electronic Manufacturing

The entire organizational structure of Kepar is focused on offering its clients electronic production services (EMS) with the highest degree of professionalism, technological knowledge and efficiency in time and costs.

Our production process, in order to create added value in the final product, is based on:

  • The specialization.
  • The pool of expert resources in state-of-The-art assembly lines.

The Kepar production department is divided into two large areas:

  • Automatic SMD insertion area.
  • Manual insertion, welding and test area.



3 SMD lines 50.000 cph each


Components/Hour SMD


Lines capacity THD


Equipment assembled per day

Kepar’s SMD automatic insertion area consists of three production lines of different capacities and adapted to our customers diverse needs.

Kepar facilities :
3 SMD lines 50.000 cph each, incorporating SPI 3D (Solder Paste Inspection) and AOI 3D laser (Automatic Optical Inspection), Capable of mounting and inspecting from 0201 components up to 45mm BGA or QFP.


Kepar has three independent assembly lines, two of them incorporate state of the art selective welding lines with 3D laser AOI stations and the third one with conventional wave soldering machines in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Each line incorporates specific workstations for assembly of a single product or simultaneous assembly of several products.

Kepar has implemented an automatic optical inspection machine on its assembly lines, which allows the detection of:

  • Presence / absence of components. Checked 100%
  • Polarity. Checked 100%
  • Marking. Checked 100%
  • Short between sideburns. Checked 100%
  • Weld quality using meniscus measurement algorithms. Checked 100%

This machine is connected online with a check&repair station to be able to address possible small repairs if necessary.

Kepar has a dedicated area for the final assembly of the equipment of those clients who require a complete turnkey service.

Kepar has in its facilities:

  • A specific encapsulation area.
  • A tropicalization area, with a line made up of an input conveyor and an automatic selective tropicalization machine (Selective Coating).

In addition to the test specifications required by each client, Kepar has developed a complete test and validation process for each manufactured Electronic device, using the most advanced instrumentation and equipment.

In order to that:

  • We have nine stations fully equipped with computers, HP racks and testers with beds of nails to carry out in-circuit tests and functional tests.
  • In addition to the test specifications required by each client, KEPAR developees and fine-tunes our own test processes at the request of the client from the electronics design phase, and we incorporate all the necessary code for testing and validation into the software engineering project.

Our goal is to obtain maximum reliability in the minimum time, which translates into offering high quality electronics at low cost.

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