Manufacturing-oriented design

Over the years, Kepar has managed to optimally combine the engineering and production department resources and procedures.

Thus, our deep commitment to manufacturing-oriented design leads to an optimal and efficient production process, which ensures the highest quality at reasonable costs, and longest product life: Kepar does not only care about the present of his customers’ products, but about their future.


  • This philosophy is translated into practical facts during the whole electronic manufacturing process:
    After an analysis of the industrialization requirements, the electronic boards go through an exhaustive test and validation process, both electrical and functional, to ensure a long life of use and a low maintenance cost in the final product.
  • Kepar also helps its clients comply with national and international regulations specific to each type of product, both to certify the safety of the final equipment and to comply with quality standards in tests carried out in independent authorized laboratories.


Kepar is a leader company in developing solutions for simple and cost-effective industrialization. And that is not by chance, but it is derived from an industrialization methodology that focuses in each’s sector specific production processes that it is necessary to know in detail.


  • Following Manufacturing-Oriented Design principles implies the realization by KEPAR of an in-depth analysis of the processes and conditions required by each client in the industrialization of their product.
  • This analysis begins to be carried out in the earliest phases of each solution’s design and is maintained until the delivery of the final electronics.

As a result, our clients can be sure that their product will be innovative and competitive in the market, both in terms of time-to-market and cost.

Kepar believes that a fast fully functional prototypes development is key to produce good electronics while keeping short time to market.

In order to do that, Kepar dedicates one of its assembly lines exclusively to the manufacture of prototypes. This allows us to offer a top-level electronic prototyping service:

  • Through the combination of great logistics management and express electronic manufacturing, we can send our clients their prototypes between 48 and 72 hours after receiving the materials.
  • In addition, Kepar offers a prototype validation service, both in the laboratory and in the field, and collaborates with its clients in the development of the final hardware, software and mechanical specifications.
  •  Likewise, Kepar prepares and starts up all those specifications necessary for production.

The perfect testing and validation of the products is of paramount importance for KEPAR, as we are aware that their quality will directly affect the quality perceived by the user in the final product.

Our goal is to obtain maximum reliability but also to achieve it in the shortest time, which leads to the best quality offer at the lowest cost for our clients

  • In addition to the test specifications required by each client, Kepar has developed a complete test and validation process for each electronic board manufactured, based on the most complete instrumentation and equipment.
  • Kepar develops and fine-tunes its own test processes at the request of the client from the electronics design phase, and incorporates all the necessary code for testing and validation into the software engineering project.
  • The test processes developed by Kepar are fully automated computerized controlled.
  • From electrical tests, through functional tests, to hybrids and high level tests, Kepar’s goal is to keep providing its customers with the maximum guarantee of reliability in its products.

Kepar’s testing laboratories have all the necessary instrumentation and equipment to verify compliance with the specific regulations of each sector and each client.

Kepar verifies through pre-certification tests that the designs made for its clients can be successfully sent to any accredited certification laboratory. This service offered by Kepar results in significant cost savings and time to market reduction of its customer’s products

Kepar is firmly committed to energy saving and environmentally friendly production policies, for which it establishes protocols and internal manufacturing and design standards in accordance with the latest regulations and recommendations of the competent bodies, both for its own processes and those of the final products.

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