Market sectors

Electronic devices are expected to continue reducing their size and price in the future. It is equally applicable to any component, whether processors, storage devices or communication systems.

The electronic products developed specifically for the Internet Things (IoT) ecosystem are acquiring more and more importance. KEPAR has accredited experience in the development and manufacture of this type of new generation electronics

KEPAR is ready for the future


We are currently present in several major production sectors due to our design and manufacturing activity and our deep knowledge of electronic solutions, which allow us to bring value and quality to both traditional and emerging sectors.

Our process of constant technological vigilance, together with a versatile commercial team, allows us to incorporate innovative companies from the most varied technological sectors into our client portfolio.


Household appliances,
home, white line


White Line

At Kepar we specialize in the development and manufacture of control systems and power supplies for the widest range of home appliance models from the leading brands on the market. Security, functional simplicity, low cost and durability are the identity password of our developments and products in the this sector.

Home automation

The intelligence has arrived at the domestic appliances. Many home devices are nowdays connected to sensors and actuators working as a network. Energy efficiency and the implementation of communications are leading edge areas for us in this field

Audio and lighting



We are experts in the perfect combination of the analog and digital world in high-quality professional sound reproduction products.

Introduced from our beginnings in the world of professional audio, Kepar has extensive experience in this sector, collaborating with prestigious brands.


The commitment to energy efficiency has led to the development of new lighting technologies.

From public lighting to the most complex lighting control, Kepar contributes its deep knowledge of the state of the art with the incorporation of new components at a minimum cost.

Renewable energies and environment


Kepar has maintained a leadership position in the manufacture of electronics for renewable sources energy harvesting, developing specific products for wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal generation facilities.





Automotive and Road Safety



The rigorous quality standards and procedures in our processes make Kepar an ideal partner for this sector. The total quality concept applied to our procedures is a guarantee of reliability and control.


Road Safety

Kepar collaborates with companies that dedicated to improve safety in our cities and highways, manufacturing products for traffic control and road safety.





Smart Metering


A fundamental part of Smart networks, smart metering is an added value for supply companies and a guarantee for end users.

Kepar actively participates in the development of the new generation of meters.








Technological advances in this field provide many facilities to professionals in the sector and allow early detection of diseases.

Kepar brings reliability and universality to these solutions, by achieving precise products and reduced costs.








The world is global and interconnected. Data networks make it possible to exchange information between devices in order to facilitate our daily lives. Kepar makes the internet of things and ubiquitous computing a reality, designing and manufacturing the most complex systems in this area.






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