Electronic Design

Kepar bases part of its success and prestige on offering a comprehensive service in the area of electronic design, which ranges from the development of an idea to the manufacture of the final product, and always with the most demanding quality standards in all phases of process.

For this, Kepar has an R+D+i division made up of a team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the sector, specialized in:

  • Electronic Hardware Development
  • Software Development for Electronic systems
  • Mechanical Development of Electronic products


Kepar’s R+D+i division maintains a studied balance between its integration into the company’s global processes and its functional and structural independence, in order to be able to face projects using technological innovation in the most diverse sectors, those in which electronics, automation and intelligent control provide high added value.

Kepar’s R+D+I division optimally combines design, research and innovation to offer its customers maximum reliability and quality, while reducing the time-to-market and the cost associated with the entire process design and industrialization


With more than 25 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, Kepar’s hardware development engineering has the most advanced software and instrumentation tools suitable for each type of design.

In close collaboration with our clients, and after a systematic analysis of solutions, we carry out:

  • The complete schematic capture process
  • PCB layout design
  • Component selection and validation
  • Prototype testing
  • Validation

Kepar also provides high added value to the electronic design process, since on the one hand our relationship with our national and international suppliers allows us an extensive selection of components according to cost and availability, and on the other, the integration of design engineering in Kepar’s production process enables design approaches for electronic production and design for testing and validation from the initial stages of development.

Kepar has a highly qualified engineering team dedicated to software development using the state-of-the-art development tools to guarantee the integral quality of the process:

  • Management systems, development environments and version and error control software.
  • Comprehensive project monitoring tools.
  •  Software development tools for wide range microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • We trust and coollaborate with The most prestigious manufacturers on The market to ensure The highest quality of The process and The result.

Kepar’s software development covers the full scale of levels, from low-level programming firmware applications to complex operating systems (licensed and open source).

In addition, Kepar develops its own test software for electrical, functional, hybrid and high-level verification processes, as well as tailor-made secure programming tools.

Aportamos todos los valores necesarios para proveer a nuestros clientes de sistemas electrónicos sólidos, fiables y enfocados al mercado:

  • Total quality: we have the most complete computer-aided design tools to shape your product, and we have extensive experience and knowledge in materials science and technology.
  • Your goals are ours. For this reason, aesthetics and functionality will go hand in hand, making your product modern and attractive and facilitating its market penetration.
  • We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to offer our customers the best options available.

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